Books We Love

By: Maryrose Gray

Counting Cockatoos, By: Stella Blackstone

This beautifully illustrated counting book is especially exciting for children who love animals..and I haven’t met a child who doesn’t love animals! As a board book, it is perfect for introducing younger children to different combinations and counting opportunities, while also featuring some light exposure to number recognition and addition. Our pediatrician actually gave us this book at my son’s 23-month check-up, so I can say that it comes professionally recommended as well!.

Spaghetti and Meatballs for All! A Mathematical Story, By: Marilyn Burns

Marilyn Burns is one of the most respected math educators of our time, and this delightful story does a great job of telling a fun story, while also weaving in mathematical concepts in a natural and engaging way. There is also a lesson for parents here that sometimes you have to let your children be wrong and make a mess of things before they finally see what you were trying to tell them the whole time.  And that my friends, is what real learning looks like.

The Grapes of Math, By: Greg Tang

Once your child can count to ten and seems ready to count even higher, I recommend mixing this book into the bedtime routine a few times a week. For younger children it is a great opportunity to practice counting higher and for older children it demonstrates strategies for counting more quickly and using efficient counting strategies such as making groups of five and ten or multiplying equal groups. Children can access this book on their own level, and a parent can observe the way a child solves these riddles as it develops over time.