Our Official Launch!

By: Maryrose Gray & Beth Van Derslice

We are thrilled to announce our official launch as an official company that sells an official product! After many months of testing different versions of the COCO Cache, finalizing the design, running our Kickstarter campaign and hustling to fulfill our rewards, we are now ready to put our official--and super fun--COCO Cache on sale in our online store. This is an exciting time for us, and we could not have done it without the support and encouragement of so many people.

We had a chance to kick back a little bit with some of those amazing people in sunny California last week. The launch party went something like this: some seriously cute kiddos, shell painting, “treasure” hunting, yummy food and drinks, cake pops, crafty cat and owl masks, audience participation during our thank you speech, and wait, did we mention cake pops, there were definitely cake pops. The party represented the company that we are trying to be, fun and playful with a focus on interacting with friends and family of all ages.