Back-To-School Checklists

It’s that time of the year again, and for some it might be the first time our kids are going to school! Whether it is preschool, kindergarten or another year up the ladder, kids and parents of all ages have a lot of things to anticipate and digest. Here are some different checklists that we thought were pretty cool for getting your family, home and mind ready for the frenzy of going back to school.


This list has some general ideas to help your family prepare and make the transition from summer to school-year a bit less, well, shocking. Of course, while planning and organizing are important, don’t forget to take some breaks and squeeze in some casual conversation and down time.


These checklists will help parents of pre-K aged children get a sense of skills to learn and develop prior to entering kindergarten. Don’t worry (seriously, don’t) if your child doesn’t get an A+ on all of these skills. It’s completely normal for children to possess some, but not all of these skills, and these links are here to share ideas on activities to play with an eye toward kindergarten readiness.

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

Ready at Five - School Readiness


Want to set your ‘first timer’ up for success with the non-academic day-to-day routines? Here are some links with useful tips.

What Nobody Tells You About Kindergarten

Back to School Parenting Guide


Love it or not-so-much, back to school shopping is real. There are endless checklists available whether through a simple Google search, on Pinterest and - the most important - whatever your child’s school provides. We’ll spare you a long list, but here’s a general example to help get your head in the game for when your lunch box, glue stick and pencil sharpener buying days arrive.

Good luck & happy playing!