Brush Up on Math Lingo

By Maryrose Gray

Even before the Common Core, parents and children were having conversations that ended with, “well, that’s not how I learned it,” or “that’s not the way my teacher says to do it.” There are many different strategies to solve, and there is a large emphasis on encouraging children to find different ways to work on a problem.  As parents sometimes we have to recognize that our way isn’t the only way, but it is still important to remain confident and supportive in the face of uncertainty. Parents who are anxious about math tend to pass that onto their children. This week we have a resource to share that can help you brush up on some math lingo and help you feel confident when looking at your child’s work.

There are many ways to get familiar with your child’s school curriculum, but this week I want to share one particular resource that I think is pretty cool. Click on this link.  Find the vocabulary cards for your child’s current grade and maybe the grade above or below.  Browse through the words and see if there are any words that stand out to you as being tough or less commonly used.  Try to find ways to use these words at home with your child and help your child get familiar with the meaning.  That way, when your child hears it at school, they will already have some context for the word meaning.


These vocabulary cards are linked to the language used in the Common Core standards. Even if you aren’t able to integrate all of these words into your daily household conversations, at a minimum this can help you brush up on the language so that you are able to interpret your child’s homework!