Number Recognition

Number Wall

Materials:  11 index cards or post-its, marker, painters tape

1. Write a number on each card (0-10).
2. Stick tape on each card.
3. Give one card to your child to put on the wall in any order.
4. Repeat until all the numbers are on the wall.
5. Call out a number to see how fast your child can find it.
6. Switch and let your child call out the numbers for you to find.

Make it more challenging:

  • Child rearranges numbers to go in order.
  • Child rearranges numbers to count backwards.
  • Child sorts numbers into groups for Odd and Even.

Numbers All Around

Materials:  old calendars, cars, mailboxes, price displays in stores, magazines

1. Help your child find and mark different birthdays on a wall calendar. Teach your child how to write his or her own birthday in words and numbers.
2. Show your child where the street number is written outside your home or building. Teach your child how to write your full address. Use it to send a letter! Take a walk and show your child how the numbers go up or down along the street.
3. Teach your child to recognize your car's license plate number. Point out interesting license plates that you see in parking lots and see if your child starts to notice patterns with the way different plates look.
4. Let your child practice dialing your phone number on a cell phone or a calculator pad. You can even print out a picture of a phone like this one and let your child practice dialing.
5. Point out price displays in a store.  Challenge your child to find the highest price, lowest price or something labeled for a particular price. 

Make it more challenging:

  • Talk to an older child about zip codes and area codes, challenge them to learn common codes in your area or in other family members areas.
  • Point out maximum capacity at different locations when you are out and about. These numbers are posted in venues like restaurants or stadiums. Ask your child to estimate the capacity in places where it is not posted.