One-Minute Challenge

Materials: one-minute sand timer or digital timer

1. Say, "This sand timer will last for one minute, let's watch it."
2. Turn the timer over and watch it go. 
3. Say, "Now let's see how many times we can jump in one minute."
4. Turn the timer over and start jumping.  Count jumps together until the timer runs out.
5. Ask, "What else do you think we could try for one minute?"
6. Try what your child suggests or make suggestions if your child is stumped. (spinning, clapping, stomping, drawing circles, etc.)

Make it more challenging:

  • Make the challenges more difficult (hop on one foot, jump rope, pick up paperclips, toss basketballs into a hoop)
  • Challenge child to complete something within one minute (put on a pillowcase, tie both shoes, run to the end of the yard and back, etc.)